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**Apps to edit your posts on social networks**
When uploading a post to any social network, we have to consider how to upload it and how to upload it so that our users interact with it, and in the most attractive way to have good engagement. To do this, I recommend a series of mobile applications to be able to edit things quickly and easily. These would be VSCO, PicsArt, Snapseed and Instashot. Being the first three photo editors and the last one for videos.

VSCO is a photo and video editing app for iOS and Android that works much like Instagram, but for all users who want to share and discover more polished and professional content. The developer of the app is Visual Supply Company, creators of some of the most used Lightroom and Aperture presets by professional photographers, making it a social network where users are looking for some professional quality and style. Share photos without paying attention to likes. VSCO has its own camera, and while it's not on the level of a professional camera app, the effect is remarkable. It has autofocus and quick shot options, but in manual focus, the differences with cameras in other apps like Instagram are noticeable.

The app has many free filters and other paid filters that can be purchased from the app itself, far superior to other photography apps, with the option to improve the quality of your phone's camera.
Each filter has its own configuration options, such as controls, which provide a very wide range of options. In addition, it has traditional retouching options such as: white balance, contrast, saturation and hue adjustments, as well as focus selection options.
VSCO integrates with GRID, a library where users can upload the photos they take and edit. VSCO's library is synced across all devices, from where you can access all the photos users take and share them on other social networks and apps, so it's common to find images on Instagram with the hashtag #VSCO.

The images uploaded to the platform have a very distinctive and characteristic style. Something that allows you to differentiate normal images from VSCO images. This assumes that many users rate the consumers of this VSCO user's social network. While there are male accounts, the platform is defined first and foremost by having a large female audience.

PicsArt is a photo editor, collage, drawing and social network. It allows its users to take and edit photos, draw layers, and share their images with the PicsArt community and other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
PicsArt contains various tools for editing images and drawings. It has 120 photo filters, 40 of which are only available for "PicsArt Gold" (monthly subscription).
The editor also allows you to dodge images using layers. One of the main features of the application is the "Eraser" which allows you to remove or select parts of an image, text or label according to the user's preference.
The editor contains effects and filters that can be used on images and videos. You can set the opacity, visualize and even partially apply filters on the image with the eraser. Some effects are only available with a PicsArt Gold subscription.
There are different applications derived from PicsArt such as PicsArt Color and PicsArt Animator.

Snapseed is a photo editing app produced by Nik Software, now owned by Google, for iOS and Android that allows users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. Filter combinations can be created and saved using the default filters and editing functions. The list of special effects and filters includes Drama, Grunge, Vintage, Center Focus, Frames, and a Tilt Shift (which resizes photos). Snapseed 2.0 introduced new filters such as lens blur, glamor glow, HDR scape and noir, while also reformatting the tools section with a cleaner user interface. Users can directly share the images on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

InShot, an app to edit videos in different formats from your mobile. It is available for iOS and Android. It allows you to cut clips, add music, stickers and texts, as well as configure the clip to fit different platforms and social networks
The first step is to add the video(s) you want to edit. To do this, press the plus sign (+). Once this is done you can click on the scissors icon to remove fragments. The app also offers the option to add text: you can customize the type and size of the font, as well as the color. It is also possible to add stickers in different parts of the clip. There are several graphics that are already integrated into the app, otherwise it is possible to purchase sticker packs. Another option is to add photos that you have on your cell phone to, for example, cover up a fragment of the video or simply use it to add a special touch.

You can also rotate the clip or flip it to change the perspective. It has an option to change the speed: so you can choose to have a fragment appear in slow or super fast motion. Another interesting point is that you can add music, as well as effects and noises. In turn, it is possible to record an audio so that it runs on the track that is being edited.

It offers a large number of filters that can be adjusted as desired, and also provides the option to adjust the final video to different formats: for YouTube, Instagram or whatever you want. To activate this option you have to press where it says "canvas".

The service is very intuitive and is designed so that the user can adapt their productions to different platforms, something that is vital today. The best thing is that it is very intuitive and offers many variants.
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