From our platform you can easily find your commission link to integrate it into your content and digital profiles.

Your commission link is the main tracking tool you should use in your partner program. It is the key to earning your commissions and letting the brand know, through the platform, that you have had a great performance as a partner.

With your Filiatly commission link. you can track the sales, clicks, and registrations that users generate through your content channels. Therefore, you must make sure to integrate it into your publications whenever you talk about the brand.

But where and how do you find it? Well, very easy. Today we will explain step by step how to find your commission link on our platform so that you can integrate it into your content and start generating your income as a partner.

How to find the commissions link when you accept a collaboration request from a brand

The first time you'll see your commission link is when you accept a brand's collaboration request.

You can always see your collaboration requests by going to the Requests section that you will find among the options on the left bar of your main dashboard:

Once you enter this section, you will be able to immediately see the requests for collaboration that you have pending. By accepting any of them, you will see a pop-up window in which your commission link will be ready to copy and start using it.

However, you will most likely need to use this commission link later on. For that, you will need to find the link as follows:

How to find the commissions link from the Filiatly platform

Step #1: Sign in with your email and password

Go to and click Sign In. You will reach a new tab where you can enter your access data, which are only your email and the password you chose when creating your account.

You still do not have an account? No problem, you can request an invitation to our private partner network here.

Step #2: Go to your Spaces

Once you are in your main dashboard, you will be able to see a general summary of the status of your commissions, your payments, and your achievements as a partner.

On the left you will find an options bar, where you will click on Spaces.

It is in this section where you can see all the partner programs in which you participate, belonging to all the brands with which you collaborate.

Step #3: Find your partner program

To find the program where the link is located, first select the brand that the link you want to use belongs to.

Then, in the Programs section, locate the program you want to link to. You can belong to different programs within the same brand, and these are differentiated by promoting different products, promotions, or discounts.

In this section you will be able to see the name of the program, what type of program it is - it can be of the type Sales and Clicks, or Registrations and Clicks -, the cost for each click, the commission for each sale, the commission for registration, the link of commissions, and the status of the program.

Step #4: Find and grab your commission link

Once you've found the brand program you want to promote, look at the column labeled 'Share URL', located between the 'Registration Fee' column and the 'Off/On' column.

There you can find the links to each of your programs.

To use any of these links, you just have to click on 'Copy'.

And ready! You've just copied your commissions link to your clipboard and it's ready for you to paste and use in any of your content channels.

Being part of the Filiatly partner community means that brands are the ones who contact you to collaborate on their affiliate programs. As a content creator, you have complete freedom to accept or reject their offers, since you are the one with control over your collaborations and income.

So use your links and start earning all your commissions.
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