Filiatly counts with more than 50 brands coming and going every month. How can you contact them once they invited you?

Sometimes it´s possible that you go to "Requests" and find several proposals from brands that you don't know about. Filiatly works to support all kinds of projects. We like to work with brands starting out but have a great future ahead of them, as well as others that you have surely heard of. But it's possible that if you don't know the brand you may have some doubts when you receive a request.

Introducing Brands Support Chat

When you log in to Filiatly from your computer, you will find two chats, one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right.

If you click on the one on the right, you will be able to talk to the brand who invited you to collaborate, whether you have accepted their proposal or not.

Once you have accepted the collaboration, they will get in contact via this chat to give you more information. This chat is also available in our app "Filiatly-Creators", our recommendation is that you download it so you don't miss anything.

Remember that the chat on the left side is the Filiatly support chat, for any question concerning a brand you have to use the chat mentioned in this article.
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