To request the payment of your commissions, it is essential that you enter your Payment Data on our platform in the Payments tab of your Filiatly Dashboard.

If you are a partner and you have already made your first sales with the brands you collaborate with, congratulations! You are ready to withdraw your funds from our platform and enjoy your income as a content creator.

But first, there's one very important thing you need to do, and that's enter your payment details.

This step is essential and we recommend completing it as soon as you start working with any brand. Your payment details will tell us where to send your total commissions each time you decide to withdraw them, allowing you to receive all your income as often as you want.

Entering your payment information is a one-time process, so that the platform knows exactly where to send your money. Also, you must do it every time you update any of your data such as email or address, and today we will tell you how to do it:

Sign in as a Partner with your email and password.

Once in your Dashboard, go to the Payments section.

Then go to Payment Details.

Fill in each of the fields that we show you, making sure you enter all your information correctly.

4.1. If you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry!

Just click on Create Account and we will direct you to the PayPal website to create the account to which we will send your money. It is extremely simple and all you need is your email.

At Filiatly., all payments to Partners are made through PayPal, so if you do not have an account in this wallet, we recommend you open one so that you can receive your commissions.

4.2. Make sure you have entered the correct PayPal email.

Pay close attention to this field, because if you enter the wrong email, the platform will still send the payment to that address. Therefore, check it very well before saving your data.

Once you have entered all your payment details, click Save Update

And ready! You have already entered your payment information and you are ready to request the payment of your commissions.

How to request your payments?

Once you have added your payment information, you just have to click on the 'Request €' button located in the Payments section of your profile. Remember that 15 days must have passed since the sale to be able to request it.

When you request the payment of your commissions, an invoice will be automatically created with the payment information you have entered. Or if you prefer, you can upload your own invoice as long as your payment details match the ones you have entered on the platform.

Once your invoice is ready, we will make a final review to make sure that all your data entered is correct. If everything is in order, you will receive the payment of your commissions directly in your PayPal account, and that's it!

Important things to know about your payment details

The reason why your payment details are so important is because through them we can send you the commissions for which you work as a Partner.

With this data we can also create the automatic invoice that the platform will issue for each of your payments, in order to maintain a valid record of all transactions.

Without your payment details, we won't be able to send your commissions to your PayPal account, so make sure you enter them as soon as you start working with any of the brands you collaborate with.
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