Link the brand's URL to your content to integrate with your Commissions Program on Filiatly.

How do I link the Commissions Program URL to my content?

When you become part of one or several Commissions Programs with one or several brands, you will get a URL for each of those Programs, which you will have to share with your audience on your own content. (Remember it is not necessary for you to create new content for a specific Program. Instead, you can reuse the content that has already generated traffic from your followers).

Steps to receive your URL and link it to your content:

First, you have to access your Partner platform on Filiatly, register and sign in with your information. (For this, you will need to previously have had access to a brand, with our help 😉).

Go to the Programs section on the left side menu of your platform, and if you have already been assigned to at least one Program with a brand, you will see that Program on that page's list.

You will see one of the columns titled 'Share URL', where you'll find the URL specific that brand's Program, and right next to it, a button that says 'Copy'.

Click on that button and the URL wiil be pasted in your Clipboard. You can also click on the Share button and share the link on your social media.

Now you just have to paste it on your content! You can do this by embedding the link on some word of your content, in the title, or even on a page, depending on what you think is most attractive to your audience. The brand's name, a keyword, or a click invitation.

To embed, you just have to go to your text editor and search for an option called 'link', 'hyperlink', 'embed link', or something related to those terms.

Follow the steps in the image below:

Kudos! You've done it 🚀

Now you can do this with all the links from every Program you're part of.
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