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So that an Instagram account has more Engagement and you can reach more audience. We give you a series of tips on what your followers expect from your content.

Currently, Instagram has become worldwide, one of the favorite social networks of brands, where users are more active. Since it is a social network where creating content for the public in the form of images and videos is much more attractive on a visual level.

It is a point of union between the content creator and the client; which would be the user who follows him, that is, each and every one of us. Not everything, what is seen on networks, is always true. And not only do you have to publish and have a good feed, but you also have to have a responsibility with that community of followers. From there we can focus on the term Engagement. It is essential when analyzing a user's profile, and seeing their involvement, both for themselves and for the brand's interest in collaborating.

It is there, where it connects with your audience, and not only generating a number of likes, but also getting them to interact with the user.

That Engagement, or commitment, is that union that exists between a brand and its audience. On Instagram, it is measured in interactions, ('likes and comments') that each publication of the content creator's account receives.

Since 2016, the Instagram board or wall has been modified in order of interest with the User, since previously the algorithm was by publication date, from the most recent to the oldest. With what Instagram is the one that decides what to teach you according to the activity that you have. Through the likes and comments.

As a result of knowing this, I am going to recommend a series of Tips so that your profile is among the first on the wall of your followers.

• Take time to make your profile attractive and complete, taking advantage of the bio URL

• Interact with your Instagram followers and encourage dialogue with the user (Be active in Instagram Stories)

• Make your followers activate when you post a post or Instagram Stories

• Sweepstakes, contests and promotions

• Optimize your hours to publish, doing it daily (Know what days and at what time in particular, your publications have more reach).

• Use hashtags and take care of the photo captions

• Use the highlights, and organize them by theme
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