We know that content creators are not marketers or salespeople, and they promote brands that really fit their profile and that they like. Creators connect with their audience, and sometimes they know if someone bought a product that they have shown on social media, which is great news! But what if Filiatly hasn't tracked this sale?

Before you get angry, don't worry, Filiatly will always pay you for the sales you made.

First of all, why is this possible?

Filiatly measures the user's click on your link and saves this click for about 30 days. So if the user clicks on your link and buys the product the next day, it will count as a sale for you. If, on the other hand, the user clicks on your link from their mobile and finally buys the product from their computer, it will not count as a sale for you. This is the main and most common reason why sometimes you will not see sales reflected in your profile.

Another reason why this sale may not have been recorded is because you either didn't share the link correctly, or well, because you didn't share it directly. It is very important to always share the link, as this allows us to track the sales that are made thanks to your promotion in networks.

Ok, we know the theory, but what do we do now?

If you know you have made a sale and you don't see it on your Filiatly profile, just let us know as much detail as possible about this sale and we will assign the commission manually. You can send the brand, your digital booster or Filiatly ([email protected]) the following information:

Date and time of the sale.
Order number.
Full name of the customer.

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to find the sale and be able to assign you commissions, so don't hesitate to ask, it's your commission

Now that you know that you will never lose your commissions with Filiatly, we encourage you to keep sharing content, you never know how much you can monetize it.
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