Did you register on Filiatly and received an email informing your account has not been validated? We will explain in this post how the validation team works and what can happen to your account.

The validation team works every day to ensure the quality of the content creators on the platform. The idea is that this large community can collaborate with as many brands as possible. If your account has not been validated, it is for one or more of these reasons:

The social account is private. Remember that in order to promote a brand, the accounts must be public.

The user is very young. We do not approve accounts in which the users are under aged, as we will not be able to pay them commissions. In the case of an account under the supervision of an adult, we do accept them.

The social network has very little content If the account has only a few posts (only 5/6 photos or videos) it gives very little credibility, brands will not be interested in working with this type of account. Be proactive on social media to keep the number of posts to at least 12.

You do not have a minimum number of followers on Instagram In the case of Instagram, we normally accept accounts with a minimum of 1000 followers except for niche accounts and accounts that were registered alongside with other social networks. This means that if your Instagram account is created for a specific niche (e.g. you only post beer content) we would accept it regardless of the number of followers. If your Instagram account is complementary to your blog or YouTube in that case we will accept your account.

The content of the account does not comply with the law*. Fraudulent SPAM accounts, nudity, self-harming, violence of any kind, bullying...

Content is not of value to brands*. As a content creator it is important that your content can offer value. An account might not be validated if the content is of very low quality, or for example all images are the same without any advertising purpose.

Don't be discouraged! We accept 90% of the applications we receive. If you see that after not being validated you finally meet the conditions, you can be validated again. You would have to register again :)

If you see that the validation team has made a mistake please contact [email protected] or in the platform chat and we will try to give you a specific answer to your case.
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