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Have you received an invitation with a 0% commission per click/sale/registration? Let us tell you what it means.

You can see the commissions are 0 as it is shown on this image:

Don't worry. It doesn't mean that you won't receive anything in exchange of your promotions. This kind of programmes happen for several reasons:

The brand will pay a commission according to the amount of the sale that is made through the partner's link: It happens in sales programmes only. Example: 5% of 100 euros is not the same as 5% of 1000 euros. Therefore, a brand can offer you 10% of €100 and 5% of €1000. This programme will allow you to track your sales, and after a sale is made, the brand will assign you the commission manually.
The brand will not pay you commission, but will send you a product or offer you a service: This can happen with brands whose product is of great value, be it a travel or a luxury brand, for example. They will offer you a great product but at the moment they will not pay you a commission per sale.
It is a temporary programme. For example, it is a Christmas programme where they will offer you extra product but no commission.

Keep in mind that all our brands offer products or services in addition to commissions, so read the invitation message carefully where they usually give you this kind of details.
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