When you register on Filiatly you must connect your social networks. It is possible that after connecting your YouTube channel or your website, you get the message "Pending verification". We explain what this message means.

When it happens is for 2 reasons:

We connected your account manually from Filiatly.
You did not connect your Youtube channel or your website with your Google account.

First of all, you should know that there is not a problem, brands will still be able to see your profile, although they will not be able to see your Google Analytics data.

1. Manually connecting your account.

On occasion, you may have contacted someone from the team to help you connect your account. We do this internally at Filiatly, but we do not have access to your account so we cannot connect it to Google. By not making this connection with Google the status of your account will be "pending verification".

It is visible to brands, but they cannot see any information other than the account link itself.

2. You have not correctly associated your Youtube channel or Web with Google from Filiatly.

What does this mean? Don't worry, we explain it in detail.

To connect a youtube account or a website, Filiatly takes you to another tab where you can log in to a GMAIL account. This process is so that brands can see data from the blog such as: Location, visits, moz ranking, page authority, percentage of men, percentage of women and age range. This data is visible only to brands, who choose content creators based on this data. This is why it is interesting that they are active.

What if I get error 500 or 400? Something went wrong with your connection. Normally this type of error occurs when you have connected to a gmail account that is not the one associated with your YouTube channel or Blog. To solve it, you must do this process in a tab in "Incognito mode" and connect correctly to the gmail of your channel.

Another reason for this problem may be that you have not activated Google Analytics on your blog, and therefore your blog is not associated with a Google account. If this is the case, you must activate it or you will not be able to view this data.

If you are still having problems, feel free to contact [email protected] and they will help you connect your account.
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